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Design Philosophy and Inspiration

Since our inception in 2019, Studio Rigu has been synonymous with the ideology of
’Empowered Femininity’. Transcending trends, Independent and modern, the Rigu
brand provides transformative clothes to meet the everyday needs of the globetrotting woman. We create everyday luxury with a modern sensibility, known for its calculated yet eccentric minimalism and thoughtful detailing. Dashes of colour with sharp silhouettes, reinterpret the basic functionality of a garment and juxtapose it with a new design aesthetic. The brand concentrates on innovative shapes along with modern tailoring and clean lines. Interplay of fabrics as well as playful interactions of different trims give birth to unique and fun designs.

Incorporation of artisanal handicraft techniques in modern and updated methods,
integrates our sustainability effort. By mixing menswear fabrics into feminine
silhouettes, we enhance and challenge the conventional designs of power dressing.
The inspiration behind each garment brings to life unique characteristics that we
embody- warm, empowering, experimental and sophisticated. Individualistic in their demeanour, each piece is created to be carried with confidence.

Amalgamation of Multiple genres, cultures, and deep rooted psychological traditions
inspire us to create this eclectic blend of eccentricity and convention, spiced with a
contemporary twist on individuality. The idea behind every collection is to be worn all the way from work to dinner. Mixing and matching individual pieces from every
collection give birth to staples for The RIGU woman. Comfort transcends all and each piece is designed by keeping that factor in mind. The woman, our customer and her growing needs are our driving force.