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Who Are We? 

Since our inception in 2021, RIGU has been synonymous with the ideology of ’Liveable Luxury’.

Based out of New Delhi, India, our brand strives to bring colorful confidence and high-energy happiness to the customers wardrobes through the artful use of color and original prints. Our hand-painted prints are imbued with personal meaning and are thoughtfully paired back to silhouettes intended to help our customers fall in love with color, adopt our positive mental attitude, and evolve into more confident, creative versions of themselves.

Our pieces are made to fit, function, and feel good so that our customer can use them as a tool to feel like the best version of themselves whenever they wear RIGU. Transcending trends, Independent and modern, the brand provides transformative clothes to meet the everyday needs of the globetrotting woman.

We create everyday luxury with a modern sensibility, known for its calculated yet eccentric minimalism and thoughtful detailing.Incorporation of artisanal handicraft techniques in modern and updated methods, integrates our sustainability effort.


As a small business launched in 2021, we recognise our responsibility to our planet and our people. From the very beginning, we have been very conscious of not greenwashing our way into our customer's closets. 

We do not prefer to promote our brand as a sustainable brand because more than sustainable, it’s thoughtful design. Thoughtful design is a core ideal which is quite literally weaved through our each collection as we use newer sustainable fabrics such as Cupro (also known as vegan silk), Organic denim, organic cotton and 100% cotton. 

Our desire to re-interpret and update ancient practices of textile design to appeal to a global and modern customer, have led us to look at techniques like, tie and dye. Our pieces are hand tie and dyed and carry imperfections which is a characteristic of the craftsmanship.

We are a Made to order brand and we prefer to custom make each and every order that comes our way, thus leading to small batch production and less inventory. We are not dictated by season or trend.